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Root Canals – Fort Worth, TX

Removing the Infection for Better Oral Health

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When tooth pain becomes too unbearable, a dentist will be able to look at the problem and determine if a root canal is necessary. In situations where a tooth is aching, another solution is recommended; however, after thoroughly examining the patient’s mouth, if the infection exists on the inside of the tooth, there is only one way to save it. By offering root canals in Fort Worth, Dr. David Tillman can alleviate the pain and discomfort plaguing you, and instead, prevent your tooth from being extracted. Contact us today if your pain is too much. We will be happy to schedule you an appointment to see Dr. Tillman. 

Symptoms That Indicate Root Canal Therapy

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What seems like a never-ending toothache might be a serious infection that requires root canal therapy. The pulp, which is the innermost layer of a tooth, is comprised of nerves and blood vessels. Should this area become infected or damaged, it can result in intense pain and potential tooth loss if not treated in a timely manner.


In order to understand if a possible root canal is needed, some of the signs and symptoms include:

  • Increased pain in the area of the infected tooth
  • Swelling around the face, neck, or head
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • Pimple-like sores on the gums near the infected tooth

How the Procedure Works

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If Dr. Tillman believes a root canal is the only way to save your tooth from possible extraction, the first step will be to take an x-ray and perform a visual examination of the area. He will be looking for any problems or infection in or around the bone before administering anesthesia.


Once you are completely comfortable, he will place a dental dam around the tooth to prevent saliva from surrounding the infected tooth. He will then use special tools to enter through the crown of the tooth until he reaches the pulp. Removing the damaged pulp and any additional bacteria, he will clean out the canals and flush out any debris. Dr. Tillman will then fill it using what is known as gutta-percha, which acts as a sealer. This will keep harmful bacteria out.

Since it will take time for a custom dental crown to be created, you will receive a temporary crown to wear until the permanent one is ready. The final stage will be to secure the finalized crown in place, effectively preventing further damage or decay from reaching the weakened tooth.

Benefits of a Root Canal

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There is a common misconception that people have about root canals. It is that they are extremely painful. The real truth is that they are not, and in fact, it is the infection within the tooth that is causing immense pain. A root canal is designed to remove the infection, thus, eliminating the pain. Apart from this being one of its greatest benefits, there are other positive aspects to having a root canal, including:

  • It allows you to keep your natural tooth, preventing it from being extracted.
  • It stops the infection from spreading to nearby teeth and putting your oral health in further jeopardy.
  • You will have a beautiful smile once it is all over because the customized dental crown will be matched to blend in with the rest of your smile.
  • By saving your tooth, you will continue to maintain a strong jawbone, which can often begin to deteriorate when teeth are missing.

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